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Justin Treaster

About PREAM Lands:

At PREAM Lands, our nearly two decades of hands-on raw land and real estate experience provides localized expertise to guide Texas clients through navigating intricate transactions. Whether grappling with probate intricacies, navigating zoning restrictions, untangling title complexities, resolving access disputes, or surmounting other obstacles impeding land sales, we pave the way for growth by deftly transforming complexity into strategic advantage. With creativity and skill, we adeptly overcome hurdles to ensure a seamless acquisition process for raw, undeveloped parcels across the vast Texas landscape.

Founded in 2016 by Justin Treaster, a licensed Texas Real Estate Agent (TREC License #0690483), we steadfastly uphold the TREC Canons of Professional Ethics and Conduct. PREAM Lands emerged as a small, Texas-based firm, resolutely dedicated to strategically positioning local raw land assets to unlock their full potential. While specializing in land throughout North and East Texas, we remain willing to take on any parcel across the expansive Lone Star State.

Our Mission:

PREAM Lands is here to serve the Texas real estate market with unmatched client-focused service. By prioritizing effective communication, responsive solutions, and seamless transactions, we promise to discover the optimal solution for every client and their family. Devoted to cultivating strong partnerships, we are anchored in our commitment to integrity, diligence, and exceeding expectations at every juncture. The dedication and satisfaction of our clients propels everything we do at PREAM Lands.

Selling land can often span several months to years. However, it need not consume such an extended timeline if you opt to sell to a local Texas cash land buyer like us. PREAM Lands, headquartered in Dallas, TX, purchases properties across the great state of Texas. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with you and stand ready to address any and all inquiries!

Prompt and decisive action is our hallmark. Call us anytime at (469) 840-4449! We are poised to swiftly engage, deftly navigate complexities, and ensure a smooth, expedited land transaction tailored to your unique objectives.

We look forward to working with you and are here for any and ALL questions! Call us and Be DONE!

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